Things To Do At Goa

Solo Travelling is the best escape from reality. Most of the people think that solo trip is nothing but pure waste of me but you can be one of those breaking the stereotypes of thinking trips without friends and family are worthless. Do what your heart says, leave nothing that you are capable of doing. Solo travel wouldn’t give you a single reason to regret your decision of travelling alone as it permits you live the life the way you want to without being judged by friends and families. For an amazing solo trip experience, a right destination plays a major factor. Looking for a destination for travelling alone in India? Goa could be the ideal choice where you can live life to the fullest. Check out the list below to know about things to do at goa.

Relax at the Beach

Goa, a city of beaches has infinite beaches on which you can count on but its merely possible to cover up all the beaches during the vacationing period and so, select the name and number of beaches you would want to visit and relax yourself and enjoy the vibe. Top Beaches of Goa includes Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Candolim Beach, Chapora Beach.

Water Sports

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You will be floored with water sports if you are thinking to any when in Goa such as Windsurfing, Parasailing, banana boat and speed boat. And not to worry, your safety will always be observed by the experts present their and life jackets would not let you drown. In case, you are not interested in any of the water sports, go swimming at the hotel you checked in.

Go for spice plantation

Have a look over the striking spices and enjoy the aroma. Take a look at the cardamom and also peri peri which is considered to be one of the world’s hottest chillies and such more world-famous spices. Take a ride on the elephant or splash some water on them, you would definitely enjoy doing it. Do no miss out eating the traditional Goan food.

Party Hard

Goa, being one of the most happening party places all across the globe would make you fall in love with each party you attend. Having people attending parties from various cities and countries would make it easier for you to interact if you are travelling alone. Love Passion Karma and W Goa parties are worth attending for some amazing fun.

Hope, now you have got a clear vision about things to do at Goa. So, make your solo trip one of your best vacations. Also, ensure you are safe and have the best days of your life.

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