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Trekking comes under every millennial’s bucket list. For many, trekking is just an adventurous sport but for a fact trekking brings in great benefits such as it helps in improving the fitness while challenging themselves to come out of the comfort zone and face the various hurdles physically, mentally. And if you are a nature lover, then trekking is something that you can’t miss for admiring the natural beauty giving a break to your daily routine which would give you time refresh your mind and enjoy the new experiences. For one amazing experience, a good planning is essential and when it comes to trekking, accessories like best trekking shoes India are the important one to give you a hassle-free trek experience. Wanting to know the right trekking accessories? Check out the list below;


Best trekking shoes India: Red chief Men’s leather trekking and hiking shoes, Adidas Men’s Ax2 mid Trekking and Hiking shoes, Wildcraft Unisex Hiking and Trekking shoes.

Shoes protects your feet from several rocks and wreckage that comes on your way. As you start hiking, to continue the speed of trekking you would need a good grip and so specific trekking shoes are mandatory. opt for light weighted shoes that you feel are comfortable for a better performance and ensure that the shoes are water proof.


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Best Backpacks: Nomatic Travel Backpack, Deuter Air Contact, Osprey Exos

Trekking is that part of travel where you will have to pack minimal stuffs that that could be carried easily and a backpack would be the good choice as it is pretty much spacious and are also easy to carry.  Backpacks comes in a various brand and are also affordable. Post trekking, you can also use it for your further travel days.

Skin Care Products

Best Skin Care Products: Lakme SPF 50 sunscreen, Vaseline Lip Balm and Moisturizer.

In your adventure, your body specially the face will be the one suffering the most. The change of climatic conditions would either directly or indirectly harm your body in different ways such as rashes and burns. You need to protect your skin from various harmful elements and for that you will have to the carry skin care products such as Moisturizer, Sunscreen and Lip balm.

There’s a lot more things that you need to carry while you pack your trekking bag. But the above mentioned are the mandatory one which would be sufficient in case you are running out of time to shop. Not to forget to buy or rent trekking poles to make your trekking experience, a easier one. To know more, stay connected to us. Thank you.

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