Health Benefits of trekking

Most of us know the importance of exercise. However, with increasingly busy lives, it is vital to prioritize the activity that gives us the most significant health benefit.  Working out at a gym might appear less than desirable after a day of sitting at a desk in the office. It is not surprising that an increasing number of people are beginning to ditch the gym and have started hitting the trails to enhance their health. Moreover, the great news is that just half an hour of walking or hiking can make a fantastic impact on your health.

Trekking in the mighty Himalayas or any of the mountainous areas offers a wide range of benefits to our mind, body, and soul. The breathtakingly picturesque views, the serene and quiet moments of self-reflection. Trekking and backpacking in the outdoors give so many health benefits which range from the physical to mental and the spiritual. There is something naturally majestic, gratifying which eventually provides an abundance of confidence as you increase your habit of trekking in the lap of mother nature.

1. Experience the rich flora and fauna

You can come across an unusual species of birds, diverse wildlife, beautiful plants along with trees that have medicinal valuable healing properties that can rarely be spotted in crowded cities.

2. Invigorated heart and lungs

You can get clean, fresh air with enhances your respiratory system and capacity of the lungs. The more fresh air you breathe, the more capable your lungs become; the more blood the heart pumps, the healthier it gets. Hiking for more extended periods with a backpack makes for a great cardiovascular workout, especially when you push yourself to a point when talking becomes quite difficult. Giving yourself a good exercise not only invigorates your heart but also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

3. Improved Fitness and Weight Loss

Several surveys show that extended periods of daily hiking with a backpack between 6-8 hours turns the body into a competent fat burning and testosterone-fueled machine. Trekking involves walking up and down hills. The uphill walks can bring the heart close to the target heart rate while giving it time to recover on the downhill walks.

4. Perseverance and Discipline

Long distance walking while persevering to reach a destination tests the hiker’s patience and determination. The trekkers have to abide by a few guidelines and remain disciplined on the mountains as the hills have its share of risks. Trekking can be a solo activity or in a group, If trekking in a group, teamwork needs to be involved while walking with the team. Helping each other adds to the fun of the journey while motivating the less experienced hikers.

5. Mental benefits

Mountains can provide an unmistakable level of serenity that is rarely available in the hustle and bustle of a city. The scenic views,

The picturesque views, captivating water bodies, the snow-clad mountains, the beautiful starry nights all help in calming and soothing the mind. The breathing of fresh air, admiring at the breathtaking nature makes our bodies release endorphins a happy hormone that reduces the stress levels and makes us happy.

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